15 Feb 2017

TenCate Geosynthetics Launches High-Performance Turf Reinforcement Mat Products

Mirafi® TM13C and TM14S with Patented Technology

TenCate is proud to announce the development of two, high 3 dimensional, lofty synthetic erosion control mat products, which provide bare soil retention, vegetation nurturing and high performance turf reinforcement.

Mirafi® TM13C and TM14S are woven from polypropylene yarns with a patented technology which creates a random 3 dimensional pattern. The industry exclusive design produces “inner pockets” which entrap and entangle the grass root system. Unlike typical HPTRM systems in the marketplace which exhibit a uniform pyramidal shaped pattern, the unique design of Mirafi® TM13C and TM14S allow for a lighter weight geosynthetic which lowers the overall carbon footprint by reducing the volume of raw material required as well as decreasing material handling effort in the field. “The combination of high shear resistance with enhanced vegetative growth results in a truly “green” alternative to riprap lined slopes.” Rich Sack, PE – Senior Engineer TenCate Geosynthetics Americas.