Soil stabilization in railway construction

Geosynthetics are essential materials for the construction of new tracks or the maintenance of existing tracks. The creation of new lines can generate large-scale earthworks and require economic and sustainable solutions. The existing network must support the increase in traffic and may require the reinforcement of tracks.

Cost-effective works controlled by innovative and adapted solutions are essential to ensure optimized maintenance of the network.

What are the benefits TenCate geosynthetics solutions?

  • Embankment height savings up to 40%
  • CO2 savings up to 30%
  • High hydraulic and drainage properties
  • Cost effective & long-lasting maintenance solution
  • Ease the railway path thanks to steepened slopes and retaining walls;
  • Quick & easy installation
Case study

Historic Railway protection


The historic Tua railway follows one of Douro’s tributaries, Tua river. Due to the construction of a large dam downstream, a solution must be found to protect the existing platform from instability created by new hydraulic conditions.

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