Case story

Water storage pond Archabil 1 and 2



Turkmenistan does not have many fresh water resources. Very dry and hot climate leads to evaporation of the significant volumes of water. Due to this reason a number of water ponds were constructed around the country. Archabil water reservoirs are 2 of them.


The traditional construction technology considers using thick clay layers to prevent leakage of water from the reservoir. This normally leads to long construction periods, complexity of clay layer compaction and waterproofing is not 100% guaranteed. Therefore, the design consisted of a HDPE geomembrane with a thickness of 1,5mm, protected below and above by nonwoven geotextiles. This waterproofing system was finally covered by a layer of sand, concrete blocks and crushed rock. TenCate Polyfelt® P 50 has been chosen as protecting nonwoven.


TenCate Polyfelt® P 50 has the required long service life, tensile strength, protection efficiency and UV resistance. In combination with the geomembrane it proofed to be a safe and economic way of constructing water storage ponds.