The protection of our coasts and marine waters faces complex and multi-facetted problems. Our marine and coastal environment is under severe pressure from both land-based and ocean-based pollution sources.

Erosion is a today threat and TenCate Polyfelt® Filtration geotextiles & TenCate Geotube® marine solutions provide an optimum solution.

Coastal Protection is used to prevent coastline erosion and retreat to preserve natural landscapes, protect housing, and provide safety to on-shore infrastructure.

Polyfelt® F & Bidim® F filters are used in coastal protection and stabilise the slopes of the dykes. Under rip-rap and other protection system, they maintain the fine soil layer in place.

Why do you opt for TenCate geosynthetics?

  • High hydraulic properties
  • hat stabilize the skeleton of the structure
  • Embankment height savings up to 40%
  • Quick & Easy Installation