TenCate Geotube® systems are highly effective solutions for coastal and marine construction. Geotube® systems are used for shoreline erosion protection, land reclamation, island creation, wetlands creation, construction platforms, revetments, dykes, groynes and offshore structures.

TenCate Geotube® system involves the fabrication of close-ended tubular containers attached with filling ports at regularly spaced intervals. The Geotube® containers are hydraulically filled with a slurry mix of sand and water and the hydraulic pressure will transport sand along the inside of the tube. Water will dissipate through the permeable engineered fabric, while sand will settle out within the container by gravity. A monolithic structure with compacted sand is formed and used in variety of marine applications.

TenCate Geotube® systems are fabricated using specially engineered woven and composite fabrics in order to meet varying tensile strength, durability and environmental requirements. The fabric can consist of either an engineered woven or a composite geotextile depending on the application requirements. The tubular shaped Geotube® containers typically range in diameter from 1.5m to 5m.

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The Benefits of TenCate Geotube® Marine Systems at a glance:

  • TenCate is the pioneer of Geotube® technology with more than 50 years of experience worldwide
  • Custom designed, fabricated and specially engineered system through advanced textile technologies
  • Excellent solutions for revetments, breakwaters, dykes and groynes
  • Proven track record of award-winning projects globally
  • Supported by specialists with advanced knowledge and experience in Geotube® projects

How TenCate Geotube® Marine and Shoreline Technology Works?

Geotube® Marine and Shoreline Technology is a permeable system fabricated from an engineered textile specifically designed for containment and shoreline erosion protection. The Geotube® system has unique designed strength, filtration, and retention characteristics to withhold sand or similar materials to act as a permanent or non-permanent containment structure:

Step 1: Filling

In the filling stage, the Geotube® container is filled with dredged sand or similar materials. The Geotube® containers are constructed of a unique fabric, specially engineered for a marine structure.

Step 2: Containment

In the containment stage, the durable and high retention fabric allows the dredged materials to fall out of suspension and form a dense monolithic structure.

Step 3: Structural

In the final stage, structural , the contained and densified material serves as a structural mass. When utilized with an accompanying Scour Apron, the Geotube® container may be utilized as a sand dune core or other shoreline re-nourishment or erosion prevention medium.

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