TenCate Bidim® PGM-B is a high strength glass filament reinforced geocomposite. TenCate Bidim® PGM-B is ideally suited to the economic maintenance of any cracked road surface with a stable substructure.

The benefits of TenCate Bidim® PGM-B at a glance:


  • High strength: up to 200 kN/m maximum tensile strength
  • High Modulus: 89 GPa
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Better compatibility with bitumen
  • Environmental friendly production: up to 80% less CO2 consumption in comparison with other high strength fibres like glass, steel or carbon
  • 100% natural material


  • 200 kN/m strength at 1.7% elongation
  • Optimum to bridge longitudinal joints
  • Adhesion to cationic Bitumen emulsions
  • Multifunctionality (STR, B, R) according to EN ISO 15381

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