Water policy in the European Union is aiming to promote sustainable water use and a major objective of the Water Framework Directive is the long-term progressive reduction of contaminant discharges to the aquatic environment in urban wastewater.

Sludge Pond Remediation is the use of a geosynthetic or Geotube® containment technology to safely contain or remove hazardous or non-hazardous sludge that has accumulated in an industrial use storage area. Industrial sludges are typically composed of water, chemical waste, semi-solid and/or solid by-products

Installing this dewatering solution may entail first, before cleaning, to stabilize subgrade.

Why do you opt for TenCate geosynthetics?

  • Volume reduction can be as much as 90%, with high solid levels that make removal and disposal easy
  • Quick & Easy installation
  • Clean solution from the start

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