Europe's ports are vital gateways, linking its transport corridors to the rest of the world. 74% of goods entering or leaving Europe go by sea, and Europe boasts some of the finest port facilities in the world. Ports play an equally important role to support the exchange of goods within the internal market and in linking peripheral and island areas with the mainland of Europe.

Increased traffic may require port facilities to be redeveloped and enlarged, potentially requiring land reclamation and large hydraulic structures such as dykes, embankments and platforms on top of subgrade consisting of very weak materials such as mud, sludge, saturated silts or clays.

Why do you opt for TenCate geosynthetics?

  • High hydraulic properties
  • Act as a green company to avoid erosion control
  • Use on site sand materials instead of buying rocks
  • Stabilize on the long term the access roads to port
  • CO2 savings up to 30%