TenCate Polyfelt® PGM 14 paving fabric is a mechanically bonded, continuous-filament, polypropylene nonwoven with optimum bitumen retention capacity. TenCate Polyfelt® PGM 14 is economically more effective than conventional road maintenance methods. Its use retards reflective cracking of repaired asphalt road surfaces by a combination of the functions stress relief and sealing.

The benefits of TenCate Polyfelt® PGM 14 at a glance:

  • Sealing:
    Bitumen saturated TenCate Polyfelt® PGM 14 prevents rain and oxygen from penetration into the road structure.
  • Stress relief:
    TenCate Polyfelt® PGM 14 retards the progress of differential stresses between substrate and new overlay. Crack propagation and reflective cracking is therefore reduced.
  • Ease of installation:
    When a laying device is used, TenCate Polyfelt® PGM 14 can be installed easily and quickly without any fixing material, even in bends or over unevenness’s.
  • Recycling:
    TenCate Polyfelt® PGM 14 asphalt interlayers can be milled easily with conventional methods, if the milling is done a few cm below PGM.

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TenCate Polyfelt® PGM14 Technical Data Sheet

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TenCate Polyfelt®Case Study PGM 14 Millstadt

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TenCate Polyfelt PGM Brochure

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