• Liner Protection

TenCate Geosynthetics deliver various types of products which are used in critical subsurface drainage systems, soil separation, and protection for HDPE and other geomembranes in landfill construction. These products provide the required puncture strength and abrasion resistance to withstand installation and application stresses to create an effective long-term solution.

  • Veneer Reinforcement

TenCate Robulon® TenCate Miragrid geosynthetics are used to reduce the stress from a soil cover on a geomembrane liner at the side slopes of a landfill. These products provide tensile resistance and enhance stability through high tensile strengths.

  • Pond Capping

TenCate Geolon® PP geosynthetics are used to provide access on soft, saturated ponds to begin closure with a compacted clay layer or geomembrane. These high-strength woven geotextile panels with an engineered seam provide a stable construction platform to enable the safe and effective closure of ponds.

  • Steepened Slopes

To steepen soil slopes, TenCate Miragrid or TenCate Rock® geosynthetics are placed in layers during construction to provide tensile resistance and enhance stability. The facing of the slope can be grass or another facing material.  This technique enables slopes to be constructed to any height at any slope angle up to 70 degrees.