TenCate Polyfelt® & TenCate Bidim® geosynthetics deliver solutions that enhance drainage and filtration in subsurface drainage applications along highways, within embankments, under airfields, in tunnel construction and in landfills. For these drainage structures to be effective, they must have a properly designed protective filter.

  • Drainage Systems

    Drainage & Filtration geotextiles are commonly used in the following drainage applications: edge drains, interceptor ("french" or "burrito") drains, wall drains, recharge basins and relief wells. In these applications, the geotextile should be designed to survive construction, allow the passage of water at high rates, and retain insitu soil (stop piping soils) without clogging.

  • Permanent Erosion Control

    Filtration geotextiles are often used in the following erosion control applications: wave protection for shoreline embankments and causeways; scour protection of various small drainage structures and ditches; and cut and fill slope protection for structures such as bridge piers and abutments. As with drainage installations, these applications require that the geotextile be designed to survive installation, plus allow the passage of water while retaining insitu soil without clogging.