TenCate geosynthetics allow construction over weak subgrades by uniformly distributing the load and improving bearing capacity and providing reinforcement to weak or low strength subgrades. The use of TenCate Geolon® PP as reinforcement, separation and filtration layer offers a simple, quick & cost-effective alternative for this “classic” application of geotextiles in various applications: building site infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, energy and environmental infrastructures.

TenCate geosynthetics key performance in subgrade stabilization are:

  • The initial tensile stiffness modulus (at 5%) in Geolon® PP is the key performance property for the reinforcement function
  • An effective separation Polyfelt® TS or Bidim® S geotextile requires high permeability to allow rapid dissipation of excess pore pressure built up during wheel load passes. Its combination with a Miragrid GX geogrid allows the subgrade stabilization of a roadway.

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